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Living in Dallas, Texas with Minivan

In 2013 I moved from Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas. For those that have ever been to OK know there really isn’t much to do there. We do have terrible natural disasters. Tornados there are scary. In fact one of my reasons for actually leaving the city too.

Why Dallas? I have many friends out here. Many that I would visit and hang out with. There is a lot to do here vs there. I just had to make the move.

And I am glad I did!

Dallas is known for the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Mavericks. This city is big into sports. You see it everywhere you go.

A few popular attractions here in Dallas is the new Dallas Cowboys arena, the Reunion Tower which is the round ball building you see a lot on postcards about Dallas. Nightlife here is also fun. Dallas is right next to another big city called Fort Worth. Both of these cities combined produce a huge population and tons to do here.

I’m also big into healthy eating. You will find me a lot in gyms, running at the park and shopping for healthy foods to eat at the downtown Farmers market. They have fresh produce that’s less harsh than processed food.

Anyway this was a introduction to my new blog. Below is a photo of my city. See you on the next post.

Dallas Texas - Healthy Living


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