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My New Job in Dallas

faceI recently lost my job and had to find something fast otherwise I’d be out on the streets! Serious. Man what a tough month it’s been. My 2016 year has started off a little rough. Since moving here to Dallas I started to blog to help others learn about this beautiful city and also giving me something to do as a hobby. Long story short, I was able to find a temp job at a plumbing company located in Dallas. Actually it’s in a city called Waxahachie, TX. A super small town just outside of the city.  I had a friend living in Grand Prairie that worked a driver in that area. Anyway luckily for me the company was able to hire me fast due to my experience in working with a company similar to them. Anyway I wanted to thank Chris for helping me find this job.

The Blog Continues

I have some more updates coming soon to the blog. Feel free to contact me with any questions on any updates you’d like me to cover in Dallas. The summer is coming up and there will be a lot to do. There is an awesome park called Klyde Park which get super packed during the summer. Its in the center of downtown with awesome views of the surrounding city.

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