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What are the best Mixtape Covers?

I run across a lot of rappers and artists at the club.  Many hand me their projects. This post is more of a rant and hopefully any indi rapper out their will see this will consider this. But as a rap listener I do judge your music by your image. I was handed a mixtape the other day while walking in downtown.

The mixtape cover looked horrible. I mean literally like a 10 year old designed it in paint. Image is very important. Consider hiring one of the best mixtape designers online to create you a bad ass mixtape graphic for your project.  It’s something very important. We as humans do judge a book by it’s cover. Check out a few mixtape covers below. These are hot. They make me want to listen to them.

The graphics and artistry is cool. The designers are very creative. For any rappers out there please dont cut corners when designing your mixtape cover. Dont do it yourself. I figure this guy did. Stay focused on what you do the best – rap. Because this project looked so horrible I decided not to hear it. Any way, what are your thoughts? Check in with me and let me know if you feel the same. There are many mixtape designers out there. I just googled a few and found some top mixtape hip hop designers.  Good luck.

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