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Do These Body Wraps Really Work?

It works! They told me…

Has anyone had any experience with this product? Just the other day my best friend Jessica had this sticky wrap thing around her body when I went to visit her at her house. She said he helps trim down her body. It looks like saran wrap. She had it wrapped around her stomach area. She said it works fast. Literally fast. Try 45 mins. I didn’t  believe her.

We were going to get a gift for her mother at the store since it was my day off. She asked me to go with her. So I didn’t have anything else to do. I said I wanted to see the results. She had first measured her waist. She said this was to prove it worked.  After this she placed the wrap around her stomach. We ended up going to the store and when we return she asked if I was ready to see how the body wrap worked on her trimming down her waist.

I said yes with curiosity. I didn’t think it was actually going to do anything. I mean, 45 minutes serious? And you expect me to think your going to looks weight and look thinner. Ok Jessica, remove it. She took a few mins to remove the wrap and massage in the excess oils. She grabbed the measuring tape and was shocked! She lost 3.5 almost 4 inches off her waist! OMG. It’ was like magic. She had a smirk on her fast as if she wanted to say “told you so!”.

The results looked great. I don’t know how it works but for any of my blog readers that are interested in trimming down your body. Any area that needs toning. Check out these it works body wraps. The company is called It works Global. And the product is called Body Wraps Applicator. I was reading the ingredients and read everything it contains is all natural. They do work. They aren’t just for women but men also. Anyway for anyone that has used them, let me know the results you’ve had.

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